Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Just Lipstick, Please

Hey! It's been a while, I know. I hope the start of 2017 has treated you well, in spite of all the changes seen and events endured as of late!

I just wanted to share with you how much I love lippies. Of all the makeup products I own, the vast majority of them are some type of lip product: lipsticks, lip glosses, lip balms, lip liners, lip name it, I probably have it!

What I have come to realize is this: While it's fun to explore the latest beauty trends, including these hybrid lip products (i.e., liquid lipsticks) and various formulas (e.g., matte vs. satin), I will take a regular ole' tube of lipstick on any given day! Sometimes I don't want to fuss with an oddly-shaped applicator, and I certainly don't want to have to nurse the product on my lips all day...just give me a decent tube of lipstick, in a standard formula, with pretty packaging, that complements my skin tone. I will also take a sheer to moderately opaque gloss as a topper (and to soothe my lips midday). BareMinerals' Marvelous Moxies are perfect for this, but could also be worn alone if desired!

Not only have I recently observed a shift in my desire to wear just plain old lipstick, but also a transition in the shades I wear (most recently from browns and nudes to pinks and reds). Some of my favorite brands that meet the need for "just lipstick" include Wet 'n Wild, Maybelline, MAC and Nars. What are your favorite brands and shades? 


  1. NYX is my favorite lipstick brand. Urban decay has some nice lip glosses but they are a little pricey. E.l.f is a nice brand as well and doesn't break the bank. Have you ever tried Kat Von D's line of lipsticks?

    1. I have a handful of NYX lippies I bought before I started exploring other brands! I've never tried UD's glosses but have a couple of the lipsticks...the brand offers a nice range of formulas! I have never tried an ELF lippy, though I have other products from the line! I have yet to try a Kat Von D lipstick, but I have enjoyed her other products that I've sampled!