Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Nail Flavor of the Week: Cotton Candy & Sprinkles

Hello and happy Hump Day! Time sure flies when one is not creating blog posts! Work wore me down (literally), which led to me getting sick with something between a cold and the flu, which took till this week for me to completely get over...which happens to be spring break, which I am thoroughly enjoying! 

BLOG LESSON #1 (personal insight - If I may be transparent for a moment): This blogging venture has helped me to realize how, like other things I do from day to day, I have to intentionally carve out time to create posts (perhaps more than one at a time) and be very purposeful about the time I spend on content, especially if I want to post on a regular basis; otherwise, blogging could easily get placed on the back burner. The difference between blogging and some of the other things I am tasked with doing is that I enjoy blogging...I don't always enjoy some of the other things. But just because I enjoy something, doesn't always mean finding creating time to dedicate to it will come easily. I will have to commit to scheduling blogging on my calendar like I do anything else that's important to me. I'm still learning y'all...I hope that serves as a nugget of information for someone who may be contemplating blogging or just starting out. 

Anywho, I am here to share this week's nail look, which features one of the OPI polishes from the Hello Kitty collection. This one is called Let's Be Friends:

Since you get to see the shade of pink in the bottle with the camera flash, I am featuring my nail look without the flash:

base coat - OPI in Let's Be Friends; accent nails - China Glaze in I'm a Go Glitter 

While I have enjoyed this look with my two glittery nails, I am looking forward to wearing this polish all by itself. It is the perfect work-appropriate neutral that will likely compliment a variety of skin tones. This would also be a great color to wear on your toes during the summer! Based on this past week, the wear of this polish is decent, but not the best. I've worn it about 4 days prior to noticing tip wear. We'll see what results it yields when I wear it again by itself.

What are your favorite polishes to wear that might be suitable for any work environment? 

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