Monday, February 1, 2016

Nail Flavor of the Week: Black with Confetti Glitter

Hey there! How was your weekend? Mine went well but too quickly because I was busy the whole time! This week won't let up either, given the various events on my calendar...a lady's work is never done!

This week's nail look features black polish, which I just got into in the past year. I typically like wearing bright colors (nails, lipstick and certain clothing items)...but sometimes I like to be a bit vampy and edgy and darken things up a bit.

Base color - Maybelline Color Show: Black to Black in Smoky Black; accent nails - OPI in Where's My Blanket???
I bought the Color Show polish during a random trip to Target (I LOVE Tar-jay); the store had several Maybelline items on clearance. I like this shade of black because it has the consistency of a jelly polish. It takes 3 coats to build it up to this level of opacity; fewer layers make it look more smoky, thus the name. The picture doesn't do the shade enough justice, because the shade still maintains its smoky look with the 3 layers. 

The OPI polish has black flecks mixed in with yellow and pink, adding a bit of dimension to the smokiness.

I am so annoyed that my pointer fingernail is so short. It broke last Friday as I rushed to leave work. The nails on my left hand have been on a growth spurt lately. They usually don't grow too long beyond the summer months (when I am on vacation and not using my hands as much). I guess taking Biotin on a consistent basis has helped to build their strength. I recently started using Nailtiques nail hardener as well...guess I need to go back to adding a coat everyday to make my nails even stronger!

Anybody have any special tips, tricks or products that seem to help build strong, long nails? If so, please share! That's all for now...have a great week!

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