Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Nail Flavor of the Week: Blue Moon

I immediately knew what I would title this blog post after finishing this manicure, which features a bright pink polish with a navy-colored stamp of the night sky:

with camera flash

with tru-lux lighting

Base color: Essie - Bump up the Pumps; stamping color: Sally Hansen Instadry - Navy Fleet; stamping plate: Pueen Nature Lover Collection
As you can see, the camera flash makes the blue polish appear lighter than it is; however, I thought that shot provided a better look of the details in the stamping pattern. I love the color combo and think the stamping came out well, in spite of small parts of the moon not being filled on some nails. I like the design's appearance of an abstract sketch; I got a couple of compliments on my nails while at work today! This design is a reflection of my itch for spring to arrive. While it's around the corner, it seems so far away! I look forward to mild temperatures and clear skies...perfect for nights spent star gazing!

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